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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: now at eight. >> so all of these things have to be done in a span of 10-15 minutes according to bart. >> pam: bart workers tell kron they're not greedy. many of them showing up early to work on their own time. developing tonight. now just four days to go until the current contract expires. we will hear more from bart workers in moment. right now. bart negotiator thomas hock has left. but
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at least one of the unions is still meeting with bart management. but so far. no progress. we begin our team coverage tonight on the looming bart strike. with kron 4's dan kerman. he brings us up to date on the negotiation efforts. >> reporter: wednesday morning the bart negotiations resumed. >> did you get any closer? >> we are trying to get this done. how >> reporter: bart management remains optimistic. >> as of right now as reasonable fair contract does not mean that it will not change before the deadline on august 4th. >> reporter: the contract negotiation expires sunday night. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> this just in to the kron 4 news room we have a new piece of video it is an interview with one of the union leaders antoinette brian. she just said this.
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>> we have four days left of bargaining. of course, there should be some concern but they should understand we are doing everything to avoid that but we cannot just part of an ourselves. they must come to our table and their responsibility is the 400,000 commuters. >> again, she is president of one of the union's the other union gave dan kerman an update. or they discussed financials all day. the key sticking points. they are talking about compensation but no progress was made. >> pam: new at 8 tonight. in a story that you will only see on kron 4. bart station agents take us behind the scenes, to give us a first hand look at what they do and some of the the problems they have. kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story. he spent the day at the balboa park bart station. >> reporter: this person has
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been a transit aged for 12 years. he is happy but another strike is looming. for brown he has two different concerned with safety on opening and closing stations. >> 5-20 people at the entrance when you need to get and they are high on drugs. they are on violent and we get assaulted daily weekly. all >> reporter: so adequate time to open and close. >> this needs to be done in 10-15 minutes according to bart. in fact, it takes 30 minute 30 minutes-. >> and we have to checkbay area transit agencies acknowledge. it is impossible for them to take on all of the 400- thousand people who ride bart each weekday. we also have to look at each item that could have been
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lodged. the tracks and also check the restrooms. we have to check all of these past to make sure that there is stopping blocking. >> the union wants two different stations at the 44 stations during closing and opening. they say that the agents are coming in early to get the job done. >> their normal start time is 8:45 and perhaps they would come in at 8:15 >> reporter: i spoke with bart and they said that this update on the proposal saying that they are offering 18 duplicate agents in this case. some of them allocated 18 different positions for opening and closing. some of those will be officer positions, a police officer positions. and in the last 30 minutes that those people that start
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before 4:00 a.m. have a 9.5 percent pay differential. they get paid more money and they're hoping that that is part of the plan that they are pressing. j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >> pam: bay area transit agencies acknowledge that it is impossible for the 400,000 people who use bart each day. kron 4's justine waldman has a warning on how challenging traffic in the bay area will become. if there is another bart strike. >> i was three hours late. there are running, running. >> there is a lot of tension. >> reporter: frustrations could hit an all time high for commuters if there is another bart strike. because traffic is expected to go from bad to worse. >> i am not feeling that sympathetic. >> reporter: the back up on the bay bridge extended for miles. the first stike took place during 4th of july holiday. when lots of people were on holiday. 10% more drivers should be
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on the roads next week don't want to sit in terrible traffic like this? get a fasttrack, carpool or work from home. on the water. triple the amount of people used sf bay ferry. the future likely holds more full ferries and long lines. even with extra ferries in play pepole liked the fresh air last time. and will flock to the docks. ac transit. took more than double the amount of people across the bay during the strike despite a look at the lines snaking down the street ac transit s not adding any extra buses but will have it current buses do extra trips. and put its biggest buses on the busiest routes. justin waldman, kron 4 news.
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>> pam: we have a new kron 4 news after it is free and available for every mobile device. android, apple, kindle...if commuters felt sore during the last bart strike. next time could really be a pain. i'm justine waldman kron 4 news. you can get the latest developments on bart and the strike threat no matter kron 4 news app. just about any mobile device; android, apple, blackberry, kindle. it's another way we're giving you more local news, the kron 4 news app, download it today. keep it here as we monitor negotiations between bart information on our website -- kron4-dot-com. section, showing you everything from what people involved in the bargaining are tweeting, to alternative transportation options. >> pam: it has now been three weeks since 21- month- old daphne webb went missing. police say, she was taken from her father's car outside a supermarket in east oakland. tonight a vigil is being kron-4's alecia reid is live in oakland. where friends, gathered. alecia? >> reporter: it has just wrapped up. we can see daphne's mother that was inconsolable. with deep
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sob's and even after the vigil wrapped up. they offered another prayer to el for encouragement. she went missing as he went inside of a store and he laughter in the car. he has been charged with child endangerment. meanwhile, the family is holding a second vigil to bring awareness and bring her home. they talked about the happy be be baby. >> i was in their house and i saw how much love they had for daphne and even we all miss her. i miss her so much and we all want her back. i'm is holding her. we
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miss hearing her cry and missing her laughed. >> reporter: coincidentally, the church members of the first assembly of god were planning a vigil before finding out of the family was also holding to plant a vigil. as they pray, their hope to have her home soon and in perfect health. >> pam: today the man suspected of the deadly jewlery mart attack in san francisco. has pleaded not guilty to murder charges. prosecutors say, barry white jr. shot and stabbed to death two jewelry store employees, and seriously injured the store owner earlier this month. it was all allegedly over an apparent dispute. over the price of a piece of jewelry he had purchased. following todays arraignment, someone yelled "murderer!" at white. as he was led out of the courtroom. white faces 16- felony charges, including two- counts of murder and several counts of assault on a police officer.
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>> this man is under arrest tonight after a vicious attack on a woman in san francisco's castro district. police say christopher porter baily of oakland was arrested - he's accused of robbing the female suspect and then kicking her in the head. surveillance video helped police catch find the 23- year old.who has pleaded not guilty. the incident happened last month during pride weekend - about 1:50 am near market and dolores streets after the pink saturday celebration. the victim is a 28-year-old san francisco woman.whose purse was taken.and who was knocked out after being kicked in the head. police say proter baily was one of several people that took part in the robbery. porter baily is being held on $200-thousand dollars bail. >> pam: and happening now-- a meeting is underway in san francisco's castro district. to address the recent violence in the area. kron 4's philippe djegal is at tonight's meeting with more on the concerns of residents. >> reporter: robberies and
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assaults. they no longer a these thieves have become more violent with guns. during robberies. the supervisor, calling this crime prevention and the police chief and all saying that it will take a collective effort to combat crime. >> we have to make sure that we are aware of our surroundings. with cellphones, and other areas there is prevention and it is important. and want to make it clear that it is important that we're doing everything we can on our end. to reduce crime in this city. >> reporter: coming up from 11:00 p.m., the crime
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happening and you will hear from residents. that is coming up at 11:00 p.m. phillipe djegal, kron 4 news. >> pam: cal-trans continues to say. the new eastern span of the bay bridge will not open until december at the earliest. the bridge was supposed to be completed by labor day, but last march, thirty-two broken bolts were found on the bridge and cal-trans says, it need the extra time to repair the problem. this afternoon, the transit agency gave the public a closer look at the on-going work. kron 4's charles clifford has details. >> reporter: inside this wearhouse in vallejo, a caltrans subcontractor is bending, cutting and grooving 3 inch steel plates into curved saddles like this one. the saddles will eventually be installed on the new eastern span of the bay bridge as part of a fix for the 32 broken bolts that were found back in march. behind me here.... while the saddles are being fabricated here in vallejo,
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the cables are being assembled by an other company in san jose. when the pieces... what is being built in side are the purple structures that you see. that will fit on the bottom of the sheer key. while the saddles are being fabricated the cables are being fabricated by a company in san jose. the pieces of completed those will be shipped to the eastern span of the bay bridge sometime in the month of september. it will be assembled and the tables and everything will be tied together and according to plan the plan should be completed by december 10th. kron 4 news >> pam: ahead at eight. passengers at s-f-o react to the new landing rule in place. which is designed to make landings safer. we'll explain what's different. plus: a bed bug scare in two goodwill warehouses. has the charity taking action. what was found today by bug- sniffing dogs.
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and: the n-s-a leaker reveals another huge government surveillance program. that can track everything down. to your google searches.
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>> pam: new tonight at eight. new flight restrictions at sfo are now in place. they come after the crash of asiana flight 214. and only involve international flights landing at the airport. kron 4's scott rates shows us how those new restrictions work and what passengers are saying about them. >> reporter: the faa is taking this after seeing these new khorana's of protesto arounds and let me show you
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up to the sky these two aircraft coming up for normally, these could be a landing simultaneously, side by side. however, with the new regulations, they have to be staggered. and you can see the aircraft in the background will land after that first aircraft has already touched down at the faa has sense that this is hoping to minimize pilots and distractions. and the big question are we seeing flight delays? the faa says " no ". and it is not clear however, passengers say absolutely. >> how long has been delayed? >> one of war.
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>> everybody was delayed. everybody is trying to find a way out. >> do you think that this is a safety issue? >> i think that it is a consideration. one--hour at least of a delay. make good regulations and make it easier. >> reporter: these new restrictions will stay in place until the end of august. scott rates, kron 4 news. >> pam: two goodwill warehouses remain shutdown in san francisco and burlingame tonight. that's because workers who were checking in new donations, found what they believed to be bedbugs. this video shows a pest control inspector and his bed bug sniffing dog. leaving the charity's burlingame location, after searching the area for several hours. no trace of the bugs found there.
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although the dog got worn out, before checking the entire space. so another dog will be brought in finish the job tomorrow. meantime, people showing up to drop off donations or shop. were unnerved by the reason behind the closure. >> i think it is disgusting. >> scary. >> i think that they are difficult to get rid of and >> pam: bed bugs have been confirmed in a section of the san francisco warehouse at 11th and mission. nearly everything inside was thrown out as a precaution. exterminators are scheduled to tent and treat the affected area there on thursday. >> jacqueline: temperatures were warmer in the north bay. on the left, you can see the high temperatures today. santa rosa, four degrees below average but yesterday about 11 degrees below average. concord, 82.
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livermore 82 but in oakland and hayward pretty close to our average for this time of year. the widespread coverage at the san mateo bridge. a bit coming over the hill. the fog will be quicker to clear. patchy to the north bay and the same things that we're seeing are strong whins out of the north. from the north-bay, clear skies. for the entire bay area. temperatures, not a lot of changes. with upper 70's. 77 in los gatos. for
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the inland valleys, low 80s for the most part. 86 out in antioch. 60s for the east bay shores. and for the coast not a lot of changes with 60s. 60s also in san francisco in a few degrees warmer in the north bay hits. phil scheduler extended forecast with not a lot of changes slightly warmer for a friday fifth virtually no fog as we start the day on friday but it will return to the friday weekend. temperatures below average for this time of year. weather forecast whenever it is convenient for you on our 24/7 bay area news channel. it's on comcast 193 and on >> and a new video from wiener>> "some of the incidents have been totally embarrassing./stealing is
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>> pam: sleeping on the job. stealing from passengers. leaving their posts. still ahead-- the new report that shows misconduct among t-s-a workers happens far too often.
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>> with new york's sexting mayoral candidate slipping even more in the polls.a defiant anthony weiner has posted a video to his campaign's website. >> people are thinking that i should quit but that is not hall high role. however it has reminded me that citizens want to talk about a situation going on in their neighborhood that is what this campaign is all about. >> also making news -
8:25 pm
weiner's top aid is apologizing after going on an expletive - filled rant about a former campaign intern. barbara morgan. seen here with weiner apologized. and said she thought the interview with talking points memo was off the record. >> and still ahead-- the man acquitted in trayvon martin's death is pulled over by police with a gun in his possesion. we'll show you george zimmerman's interaction with authorities. that was all caught on dash cam.
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>> jacqueline: the fog is expected to return.
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coming up on kron 4-- new revelations coming from n-s-a leaker edward snowden. about the government tool that tracks and stores what you do online. new information from n-s-a leaker edward snowden. now he reveals how a surveillance program known as "keyscore". allows the government to track everything you do online, with no authorization needed. grant lodes is here to >> remember when it was just cell phones and e=mails? not any more. every day the huge government data-banks are scooping up more than 1=billion pieces of information of all kinds. and all it takes to put you in the files. is this simple
8:31 pm
form with your e-mail address. the new revelations are in the british guardian newspaper, from the same reporter who broke snowden's story last month. >> "it's a program run by the nsa to collect all activity, anything they can collect, store it and then allow their analysts, to search find out what your emails say, what internet sites you've visited, what google search terms you've entered and pretty much everything you do on the internet. it's pretty much all purpose spying device that reallly has no limits." >> reporter: power=point slides detail keyscore's scope and effectiveness: determining the source of documents passed around on the internet. or seeking out computers vulnerable to hacking. on this slide, keyscore says email addresses, known as strong selectors, are not necessary, as they are in other search programs instead, keystroke can detect things as vague as "searches for suspicious stuff." just last march, congressman ron wyden of oregon asked national security director james clapper whether the government was secretly c ollecting information on millions of americans. >> no sir. >> it does not? >> not wittingly. >> reporter: clapper later admitted that was not true. and guardian reporter glenn
8:32 pm
greenwald says snowden's critics should bear this in mind: >> lying to the senate is every bit as much of a crime and a felony as anything mr. snowden is accused of doing, so what we ought to be thinking about as a nation is whether we are comfortable allowing our public officials to break the law. >> reporter: the government released some new secrets of its own today, a classified congressional briefing paper outlines a system logging all domestic emails and phone conversations of americans. and this attempt at assurance: "only a tiny fraction of such records are ever viewed by nsa intelligence analysts." >> pam: tonight, we're learning that the three ohio women who were kidnapped, raped and held captive for several years kept diaries of their ordeal. an ohio prosecutor says the women's diaries document their captivity, sexual and physical abuse and suffering. this new information comes a day before their captor, ariel castro speaks at his sentencing hearing. one of castro's alleged
8:33 pm
victims -- michelle knight is also set to speak. last week -- castro accepted a plea deal to a life sentence, plus a thousand years in jail. >> george zimmerman was pulled over by police in texas over the weekend - for speeding. this is dashcam video obtained by tmz. where you can hear the officer giving zimmerman a verbal warning. let's give it a listen. >> just slowdown a little battle cry.just slowed down a le bit okay. >> yes, you did hear the officer say to leave the firearm in the glove compartment. no word on why george zimmerman was in texas. as to why he had a firearm. zimmerman's family says he's received death threats since being acquitted for shooting trayvon martin - the 17- year-old unarmed teenager. pam?
8:34 pm
>> pam: o-j simpson has been granted parole. but he's still not getting out of jail anytime soon! today's announcement is related to his 2008 kidnapping and armed robbery convictions. the reason for parole? good behavior! simpson's parole becomes effective on october 2nd. but he still faces at least
8:35 pm
four more years in prison on other charges. simpson was serving a maximum 33-year sentence for his role in a 2007 hotel robbery. he claims he was recovering his own property from some sports memorabilia dealers. simpsons lawyers are asking for a new trial. they're watching you. but should someone be watching them? a new report says t-s-a workers. the very people who are the last line of defense between you and any would-be evil-doers at the airport. are engaging in misconduct that could potentially put fliers at risk. shannon travis reports. remember this three years ago: a t-s-a officer at new jersey's newark airport leaves his security post. and a man breezes through, prompting a security scare, for hours? a government report released tuesday shows startling incidents like these happen far too often: it says misconduct from t-s- a workers is up 26-percent over three years.
8:36 pm
to some 96-hundred cases. and there may be more, since some offenses may never be reported. sleeping on the job. stealing cash out of luggage. t-s-a workers leaving their posts. even letting friends or family go through security without being screened. members of congress, holding a hearing wednesday, were outraged. >> "some of the incidents have been totally embarrassing." >> "stealing is stealing, and these are instances of stealing from american travelers." the t-s-a defended its handling of misconduct. >> "i've given you my word.
8:37 pm
if they're stealing, they're doing drugs, or they're breaching the security system intentionally and i can prove it, they're out." fired, the report says, 17- percent of the time. but overwhelmingly. t-s-a workers engaging in misconduct are given a letter of reprimand. or suspended. many of the approximately 56-thousand t-s-a employees do not engage in misconduct. so what should the t-s-a do? the report says better monitor misconduct claims. and better follow up investigations. in washington, i'm shannon travis. >> jacqueline: temperatures are going to state what the same. if you own facebook stock - today. we'll show you the numbers that are blowing away the nay-sayers. after the break. also ahead-- the bay area company teaming up with starbucks to boost wi-fi speed at its coffee shops.
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>> pam: now for today's market update. u-s stocks ended mixed today. but capped off a great month. july was still the best month for the market since january. here are the final numbers. the dow fell 21 points. the nasdaq gained 10 points. and the s-and-p 500 fell a fraction. >> it's been one year, two months, and 13-days. and facebook shares are back where they started -- the stock hit its debut price of 38-dollars a share for the first time since the debut on may 18, 2012. the stock has clawed back from steep losses. it fell as low as nearly 18-dollars in september. the long climb back to the i-p-o price accelerated last week, after facebook's second quarter earnings report exceeded all expectations. shares have surged more than 40-percent since the release last wednesday. and investors are impressed
8:41 pm
by facebook's improvement in its mobile business. tuesday, the social network unveiled a new platform aimed at helping developers create mobile games. >> pam: starbucks is teaming up with google to boost the wi-fi speed at its coffee shops. the new wi-fi will be ten times faster than current surfing speeds. over the next 18 months, google will be upgrading all seven-thousand company- operated starbucks in the country. a-t-&t had provided wi-fi at starbucks stores since 2008, but google beat out the telecom giant when their contract expired. get the latest developments on bart and the strike threat no matter where you go with the new kron 4 news app. it is free and available on just about any mobile device; android, apple, blackberry, kindle. it's another way we're giving you more local news, the kron 4 news app, download it today. >> the giants' worst day in baseball, gary radnich has sports and extra innings. gary radnich has all the sports....
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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> you want me to look for the vodka or you going to bring it back out? if you are going to drink vodka and beer at 11am in the morning i have a suggestion avoid the muni bus shelters like the plague >> but i paid for that you taking my open container san francisco police and the sfmta are having zero tolorance for any shanagans at muni bus stop who is this? i don't want to be on tv, don't drink in
8:44 pm
the public i don't want to be on tv, don't do that! funny the police don't what you drinking at the bus stops so we both don't get what we want. go figure they were drinking vodka and steel reserve beer which they were both issued tickets for open containers the liquor get poured out and they are told to get not hang out at the bus stop how much that vodka cost you it cost me two fifty why/ i'm out here doing my thing and hello i'm in the bus stop so it's my money right right (she is intoxicated) >> and not long after the officers finished writing the tickets this person walked up to the bus shelter and was looking for a light she was given a little bit of advice from one of the officers there is no smoking at any bus stop
8:45 pm
it's really not hard to find people smoking at bus stops around san francisco these guy on market are just chilling at the puffing on something that smells just like weed but the biggest problem san francisco police are dealing with is ehat this man was busted for selling muni transfer according to sfpd this is his third arrest for the very same thing when the police rolled up on him he dumped a wad of transfers nats: ambiance containers >> i don't have no i.d. smoking and illegal selling of transfers are just a few of the things that you might want to think twice about is you are in or about muni stops in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news if you have a comment ormail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- >> jacqueline: because of these strong winds it is going to be clear. and at the end of friday very little fog and temperatures
8:46 pm
recorded warming up as a result. saturday, the fog will return. here is a look at fog tracker. thursday morning, the patchy fog to the north bay. but clearing rather quickly 60s and '70s. 70's through union city. through the eighties, eighties and concord, pittsburgh. and 82 degrees
8:47 pm
in pittsburgh and to the south-bay, 70's for the most part. '70s in sunnyvale. and for the north bay upper 70's and low 80s near highway 1 0 1. 80s and napa. not a lot of changes for the next seven days. friday, saturday, but as that fog returns to more extensive. we will see the cooler temperatures return accurate weather forecast whenever it is convenient for you on our 24/7 bay area news channel. it's on comcast 193 and on >> gary: of the toronto blue chichase and the good news is that the series against the blue jays. they could suspend all of
8:48 pm
rodriguez however,bottom 3rd, no score jed lowrie singles to right off r.a. dickey jose bautista airmails the throw to the third eric sogard scores on the error 1-0 a's top 4th, 1-1 tie bartolo colon pitching catcher steven vote allows a passed ball colby rasmus scores blue jays take the lead 2-1 blue jays colon: no decision, 6.0 ip, 2 runs, 7 hits, 3 bb, 1 k bottom 5th, 2-1 blue jays brandon moss pops it up maicer izturis cant make the catch sogard scores on the error to tie the game 2- 2 top 10th, 2-2 tie bautista lines one down the right field line off jesse chavez jose reyes scores and the blue jays take the lead 3-2 blue jays they would add 2 more runs in the inning blue jays win the series final: 5-2 blue jays notes: new a's infielder alberto callaspo 0 for 2 in his debut after entering as a pinch hitter, a's 0 for 12 with runners in scoring position giants/phillies the phillie phanatic dancing in the outfield before the game
8:49 pm
top 1st, no score pablo sandoval bloops a single to center marco scutaro scores 1-0 giants 3 batters later brett pill singles up the middle 2 runs score 3-0 giants next hitter is roger keesh- nick making his major league debut with his family watching in the stands he singles to center pill scores his family loves it 4-0 giants bottom 3rd, 7-1 giants chad gaudin on the hill he strikes out michael young to end the inning gaudin: 7 innings, 1 run, 4 hits top 7th, 7-1 giants brett pill hammers a home run to left 8-1 giants giants first home run in 345 at bats 8th inning giants lead 9-1 last night a group of twitter users attempted to trick hunter pence he was traded to the boston red sox. it started when a phillies fan tweeted: "ok, 11:30 we
8:50 pm
all start tweeting hunter pence to congratulate him on the trade to boston." tweets began flooding pences twitter, telling him he'd been traded. pence later tweeted: "pretty good try everyone kinda cruel, but well played." jim harbaugh and the 49ers now a week into training camp the 49ers can already tell there's a difference between this year and last year specifically colin kaepernick, who is entering his first training camp as a
8:51 pm
starter he is entering his 3rd year in offensive coordinator greg roman's system, who said earlier today "kaepernick is getting better at everything he does." >> we have a better feel for the receivers. >> gary: just five more weeks on quotes like that. the pro bowl is undergoing a complete overhaul next season. the teams will no longer be separated by the nfc and afc affiliations. instead, teams will be determined by 2 player captains, who will be voted for by the fans.
8:52 pm
the captains will then draft 43 players for each of their teams. another notable change is kickoffs have been eliminated from the game the ball will be placed at the 25 yard line at the start of the game and after scoring plays. eagles wide receiver riley cooper has apologized after a video surfaced of riley using a racial epithet after a confrontation with
8:53 pm
an african american security guard at a kenny chesney concert. riley said "i will jump that fence and fight every here, bro." riley posted a string of twitter messages apologizing and told reporters he is going to apoligize to his teammates, many of whom are african american. that is credible at san francisco, is that they would grow up and with all types of people. cucut!t! i i hahaveve no idea whats's go. mamaybybe e you're the originalo wiwithth c curly fries and.
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>> gary: have a great night. >> pam: have agreed night. a great night.
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( alarm blaring ) ( alarm continues ) hey, pete, i think i got something. you better call it in. agent eppes? yeah. david sinclair. how you doing? john reacher. i'm with the bureau's security division. victim was a computer science researcher for a private think tank. high-level national security clearance.

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